With Australian budgets getting tighter and rezoning creating smaller blocks of land, people with bigger families are having problems affording homes large enough to suit their lifestyles.

Single storey homes on what are essentially half blocks of land (due to re-zoning) just don’t fit the bill with large families.

But what if you need to live in a certain area? And a rezoned half block or a small plot is all you can afford?

Well at Bonza Homes we have solved these problems for you – because we build double storey homes, big enough for your family and on your plot of land.  So even if you buy a re-zoned block of land – we can build a double storey home for you – that will fit your budget.

And even if the budget is not a problem for you – there are some great reasons why double storey homes are fast becoming extremely popular with new home buyers:

  • Compared to a single storey build, a double storey home needs a smaller footprint – so you have more vertical living space on a smaller size block of land.
  • You don’t compromise your outdoor spaces – because the design of your living spaces is far more flexible with a second storey.
  • It’s easy to design a parents retreat or space for the teenagers.
  • If you have great views, why not design the living spaces on the second storey – and take advantage of those fabulous views?
  • Live closer to the city or in more expensive suburbs – because you can maximise your living space on a smaller plot of land.
  • On a cost per metre basis, double storey homes are usually 15% higher than single storey homes – but if the block is smaller, then the difference is negligible.



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So if you are looking for a new home builder in the Sydney area, call Bonza Homes on 1300 733 052 or complete our enquiry form.

If you have the land, Bonza Homes has the house.
And we build your home on time and on budget.